Global Payments as a Service. International remittances, domestic and regional payment systems.

TerraPay is creating the rails for a global, real-time, small payments clearing and settlement system, creating interoperability for mobile wallets and bank accounts, furthering financial inclusion.

TerraPay’s partners include governments and central banks; mobile money operators, banks and money transfer services; and businesses with cross-border payments requirements.
For Governments and Central Banks

TerraPay works with governments, regional economic groupings, and central banks to deploy real time small value payment systems and gateways for international payments.

Financial Signage
For Financial Institutions

TerraPay partners with mobile money operators, banks, and money service businesses to enable their customers to send and receive payments in real time.

Why TerraPay?

We’re all about building lasting relationships. We bring a deep understanding of payment systems, the best technology, and competitive commercials,

One integration with TerraPay gives you real time access to over a billion bank accounts and mobile wallets.

Built to Cloud Scale

TerraPay systems are built to run off the cloud, and to scale automatically with traffic. Local hosting, when required by data localization regulations, is also available.

We speak your API

TerraPay works with industry to standardize our APIs. Our default API is the GSMA Mobile Money API, and we’re working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation‘s Level One Project to develop their Mojaloop open-source switching platform. But we know many of our partners do not have the flexibility to adopt these APIs, and therefore, we built our platform to accommodate any API or messaging specification they use.

Transactions delivered in 30 seconds or less

thousand Bank Accounts & Mobile Wallets reached

Platform Uptime (excluding Partner Systems)

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