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Terrapay has pivoted away from bilateral (corridor) arrangements to a
clearinghouse model.

Result: A single integration with TerraPay gives its partners access to
TerraPay's global network.
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Scalability - the power
of the mobile
Leveraging its regulator-blessed, cloud-based solution, TerraPay has scale
baked into its model.

Result: We grow together, focusing on your end users, by providing
frictionless channels such as white-labelled interfaces and apps
to drive transactions. No more standing in line to send or receive hard-earned
money or handling cash.
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Increasingly, end users and regulators are pushing for mobile wallet interoperability.
TerraPay anticipates this trend by working with regulators to create a robust,
scalable, and compliant domestic interoperability platform between local Mobile Money
Operators, Banks, and Money Transfer Operators.

Result: Mobile money is freed up to generate value as a true medium of exchange.
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Making money
remittances convenient
Your customers can transact anytime from anywhere by using their
mobile phones.

It takes away the inconvenience of travelling, standing in queues
or handling cash.
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A culture of compliance -
RegTech Plus
TerraPay embraces the fact that its solution is not merely technology. It obtains
licenses from the appropriate regulators to enable its interoperability services.
By taking on this compliance obligation, TerraPay reduces the cost of compliance
for its network partners.

Result: World-class RegTech compliance engine built directly into the TerraPay platform.
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Clearing & Settlement TerraPay is building the mobile payment rails of the future, which allows its
mobile payments clearing and settlement services to ride on top of existing
interbank clearing and settlement systems, or use TerraPay's banking partners
to provide correspondent account settlement.

Result: Mobile money integrates completely with existing payments infrastructure,
driving synergistic use cases.
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End-to-end Foreign
Exchange Management
TerraPay offers a comprehensive suite of foreign exchange services. TerraPay partners
can request quotes and book FX trades for low value transactions in any
currency pair, leaving it to TerraPay to source the best FX rates through its
industry-leading market-making partners worldwide.

Result: You focus on your core business, while we drive value for your end user.
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Machine learning & human
intelligence driving a
secured platform
TerraPay deploys a comprehensive machine learning AML/CFT and sanctions screening
engine. Our system processes every transaction in real-time and through batched
processes, detecting structuring, smurfing or other money laundering strategies.
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Big data and reporting TerraPay offers a comprehensive bouquet of reporting services. Network
partners get a customisable dashboard where they can design, save and schedule
reports of transactions. Regulators get a dashboard that can show live
transactions, and allow access to individual transaction details (including underlying
KYC information). Regulators may also access TerraPay's IMF-standard
Balance of Payments reporting suite.