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For the people and businesses sending funds across the world, traditional banking routes put
money on an arduous road. While regulations may ensure the safe passage of the largest
of these transactions, expensive fees and circuitous payment flows hinder the smallest.

The smallest payment deserves a borderless journey as safe as the largest.

By enabling fast, secure routes for moving money around the world, TerraPay has built a
'multi-channel' global payments highway for small value payments.

A more connected and compassionate world

Gain access to an ever-expanding global
payments highway and deliver more
possibilities to your business
and customers.

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What our partners
have to say

Our infrastructure is built to deliver

Optimizing returns with our

  • Competitive treasury and trade services
  • Smooth settlement process for businesses
  • Real-time credit in multiple currencies for faster payments

Giving businesses the edge with

  • Competitive pricing and API based FX rates
  • Reduced processing and delivery cost
  • End-to-end solutions for setting up consumer pricing and FX markup
  • Treasury and pricing control

Enabling business to drive seamless customer journeys with

  • A full-service API
  • Plug-and-play solutions
  • Data security with strong compliance
  • Real-time KYC validation, AML monitoring, and reporting

Accelerating growth with

  • Customised solutions
  • Single API integration to channel diverse payment types and instruments
  • Market-leading payment processing capacities per second
  • Faster go-to-market launch

Build once,
scale-up manifold

Our innovative plug-n-play payments infrastructure anchors a unified, scalable and profitable web of business connections, powering growth across diverse industries.

Financial institutions


Exchange houses

Mobile transfer operators

Mobile wallets

One global infrastructure to drive small value, large volume payments.

Social media



Seamless payment solutions for social media influencers.






Accept passenger payments on the move. Solutions made for more sales.



Consumer goods and services

Uncomplicated payment experiences for merchants and consumers.

Backed by some of the world’s most trusted institutions

most trusted

trusted institutions

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries. Clients view IFC as a provider and mobilizer of scarce capital , knowledge and long term partnerships that can help address critical constraints in areas such as Finance, Infrastructure, Employee skills and the regulatory environment.

Partech is a global venture capital firm with offices in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin and Dakar, Partech invests in internet and technology startups at seed, venture and growth stages. Since 2012, the team has built a pioneering business development platform fostering synergies and business relationships between entrepreneurs and strategic partners.

Prime Ventures is a leading venture capital firm focusing on investing in European companies in their technology and related industries and leverages its capital, experience and network to actively guide them into global category leaders. From its offices in the Netherlands and the UK, the independent partnership manages over 750 Mn Euros in committed capital.