National Payments Systems

National Payments Systems

Quick low-capex deployment of omni-channel national payments systems that create seamless interoperability between mobile wallets, bank accounts, and existing infrastructure such as RTGS, EFT, and ATM and POS networks.

National Identity Systems

National Identity Systems

Leverage your existing identity systems to create a new, electronic eKYC system that protects customer privacy while giving permissioned lookup capabilities to institutions.

Scheme Design & Funding

Scheme Design & Funding

TerraPay assists governments and central banks in designing payment schemes with proper governance to global standards, and with international agencies to fund deployment of these schemes.

TerraPay believes in commercially sustainable financial inclusion.

Sustainable Financial Inclusion

We believe financial inclusion works best when there is a commercially sustainable payments infrastructure that governments, non-governmental organizations, and corporate entities can build on.

We provide that infrastructure without huge upfront costs, which commits us to your success. We have no licensing fees, no AMCs, no upgrade fees.



Payments and Identity as a Service

TerraPay provides all its solutions as services, without exorbitant software license fees and annual maintenance contracts.

This means that you have the best-in-class payments system that can react quickly to market developments.

Open Standards & Interfaces

We believe in open standards and interfaces. Our platform supports every messaging standard, both legacy and contemporary.

We work with entities such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation‘s Mojaloop project to create a standard interoperability framework, and with the GSMA on the Mobile Money APIs.

Participant-led Scheme Governance

Interoperability does not work without participant buy-in. We work with governments and central banks to create a community of participants that is actively involved in the scheme’s success.

A new model for national payment systems.

Quick to Launch

We built our systems to integrate with core banking and mobile money platforms, so we can integrate, test and launch a participant in three days, whatever systems they run.

Cloud or Local Hosting

TerraPay services run on Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure from the major cloud hosting providers, and can also be hosted on local data centres to comply with data localisation requirements.

Complete Transparency

We designed our systems around regulatory compliance, which means our switching platform comes with built-in exchange control management, balance of payments reporting, and a completely customisable reporting system. Regulators can now use all the data passing through the system to monitor risk in real-time.

Omni-Channel Payment Schemes

Quickly implement an integrated national switch that enables real-time payments between bank accounts and mobile wallets, and integrates ATM and POS networks.

Reliability / Scalability / High Availability

TerraPay systems are highly reliable, highly scalable and engineered for high availability. We are happy to provide you SLAs that meet your requirements and deliver on them.

Accessibility and Affordability

TerraPay systems are designed to make payment services available to the financially excluded. We work with you to ensure that the system is affordable to the end customer, and financially viable for all participants.

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