Why TerraPay? Mobile number as proxy
for government-issued
identity documents
Mobile numbers of senders and receivers are mapped
to their identity documents, so that multiple accounts under
the same identity get treated as a single account.
24x7 realtime money
Money is received by the beneficiary instantly, securely,
and transparently.
Send money to any mobile TerraPay is a mobile-focussed remittance service. To send
money, all you need to know is the mobile number of
the beneficiary.
Digital Pedigree TerraPay's founders have significant experience in
telecommunications, mobile wallet platforms
and payments, over 90 countries.
Plug and Play:
One to Many model
A single integration with TerraPay allows you to use TerraPay's
clearing and settlement services, licenses, and
global partner networks
End to End service Regulatory cover, compliance, API integration, FX services.
AML/CFT management, reporting, and settlement.
Low cost of setup and
TerraPay outsources non-core functions, driving cost efficiencies
and scalability.
Quick time to market Standardised APIs support rapid deployment, enabling partners to
quickly expand their global presence.