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Our scalable global payments highway enables our partners to support businesses and workers around the world, ensuring every transaction -no matter how small- can enjoy a secure and seamless journey to its destination.

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"In our quest to be the champions of the socio-economic prosperity for the people of Africa, Equity Bank has partnered with TerraPay who share this vision and commitment. With a single integration, the TerraPay network empowers Equity Bank with a global reach and penetration into major remittance corridors. We strive to maximize financial inclusion in East Africa and take pride in the partnership with TerraPay as it allows for seamless cross- border transactions."

Caroline Waweru

International Banking and Payments
Global Centre Kilimani, Equity Bank Group


"As, Airtel Mobile Commerce Uganda Limited, a payments solutions provider, our strategic partnership with Terrapay has created an enabling environment for a digital payments infrastructure to facilitate International money transfers to an Airtel Money Wallet and cross border merchant payments using the mobile wallet and therefore providing a secure, convenient and affordable payments ecosystem to our customers."

Pamela Nakityo

Airtel Mobile Commerce Uganda Limited


"TerraPay is our preferred MTO. TerraPay's IT team has seamlessly integrated systems and their treasury solutions give us the best exchange rates across corridors. Throughout the year, the business and customer support teams have always ensured smooth operations."

Shafeez Ahamed Fazal

Deputy General Manager,
LuLu Exchange


"TerraPay has been delivering cross-border payment services to Western Union since 2018. Our partnership with TerraPay in providing digital financial services has been second to none and within the standards that we have set as a company to serve our customers. They provide us with solid technology to deposit money into bank accounts and wallets, and also provide visibility on the performance of those transactions in terms of success rates and reasons for rejections. "

Hassan Chatila

Global Head,
Account Payout Network (APN)


"We here at GME love working with TerraPay because of their speed for pay-outs and unprecedented partner as well as customer support."

Subash Poudel

COO & Co-founder,
GME Korea


"Often in the industry, products and commercials are considered most important. TerraPay not only offers the best on these fronts but also takes care of the most important aspect: partnerships. With this strategic relationship with TerraPay, our partnership is not 1+1 = 2 but so much more, fuelling exponential growth for us."

J Young Lee

CBO & Co-founder,


"TerraPay has been a valuable partner of Sacombank-SBR for the past 3 years. We are proud to collaborate with a partner that has such a well-trained and experienced team along with a one-of-a- kind and modernized platform that provides consumers with timely, safe, secure, and affordable remittance services."

Tran Minh Khoa

Chairman & CEO


"We are grateful to have opened up more opportunities for Mongolians all around the world to make instant cross-border money transfers to their loved ones in the cheapest and fastest way with TerraPay. And we strongly believe all of us will benefit from this collaboration."

Turbold Batabold



"Sigue is pleased to be in collaboration with TerraPay. The infrastructure for Asia, Africa, and Europe has been very smooth, allowing our consumers with safe and secure transactions. Our partnership has brought with it business growth and high hopes for the future."

Nicolaus De La Vina



"TerraPay and Ileero Pay have created a great partnership, making use of easy, accessible and understandable technology to make remittance easy. Since the collaboration with TerraPay, Ileero Remit had been able to make faster payments, swift processing, and offer competitive rates while also enjoying the benefit of reduced costs and delivering smooth operational efficiency. TerraPay delivers impeccable customer service, they are always ready with solutions to overcome customer challenges should they ever occur during transactions. "

Peter Fajemisin

Ileero Pay


"We are proud to partner with TerraPay, in further empowering our existing mobile wallet users to do more than just transact digitally. Now, they can also receive instant cross-border money transfers from their family residing at any of TerraPay’s extensive global partner network send countries. For diaspora, the partnership facilitates them to be connected to their family back home, with a simple and cost effective means of sending money home.”

Hernando Rubio

CEO and Co-founder


"We are writing history for our country by implementing an interoperable electronic payment solution using the QR code. I'm sending warm greetings and appreciation to TerraPay for this engagement."

Leon Juste

Minister of Posts, Telecommunications
and the Digital Economy, CongoPay


"TerraPay’s unique technology platform, with interoperability at its core, backed by our strong merchant network, can facilitate easy and quick adoption of mobile wallets across the region, serving consumers seeking secure contactless payment options in the UAE."

Nandan Mer

Group CEO, Network International


"Interoperability is key to a digitally connected payments ecosystem and we are excited that TerraPay is part of our growing Fintech Fast Track program as we work together to connect more communities with these solutions."

Otto Williams

VP and Head of Strategic Partnerships, Visa


"Receiving remittance has become seamless with TerraPay solution when remitters across the world connect their dear ones in a secure and regulated platform. bKash is thriving to empower and enable millions of Bangladeshis to better manage their transactions through such cutting-edge technology."

Ali Ahmmed

Chief Commercial Officer, bKash


"TerraPay has become a key partner enabling us to expand our international remittance business into new corridors in Africa and Asia. The extensive reach of the TerraPay network – particularly into bank accounts and mobile wallets - has been essential to our success. We also appreciate their seamless, powerful API integration and outstanding service. Across our business, they have added significant value."

Alfredo O'Hagan

SVP- Consumer Payments, Boss Money


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