TerraPay and YeePay Partner to Enhance Global Payment Solutions

July 8, 2024 |

TerraPay, a leading global money movement company, has entered into a strategic partnership with YeePay, a prominent enterprise payment service provider. This collaboration is poised to enhance the global payment experience for customers by leveraging the combined strengths of both companies.

Chen Yu, Co-founder of YeePay, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “For YeePay, we are constantly seeking new partnerships that can strengthen our service offering on a global scale. We are pleased to have a strategic partnership with TerraPay, which will allow both companies to work together to offer our customers a more secure, convenient, and cost-effective payment experience.”

Ani Sane, Co-founder & Chief Business Officer – TerraPay, highlighted the mutual benefits of the partnership: “We are thrilled to partner with YeePay, a respected leader in the payment industry. This collaboration allows us to leverage our combined strengths and capabilities. Together, we are prepared to extend our services and better serve customers, making cross-border transactions more seamless and accessible.”

This strategic partnership aims to provide fast and cost-effective payment services globally, enhancing the payment experience for both companies’ customers by integrating TerraPay’s global network with YeePay’s extensive reach in China. The collaboration will facilitate secure, convenient, and real-time global B2B account payments, particularly benefiting the airline and travel industries. Additionally, the partnership is expected to promote financial inclusion and drive economic growth in regions served by both companies.

The partnership between TerraPay and YeePay is set to deliver convenient, secure, and cost-effective global payment solutions, making international transactions more accessible for customers around the world.


About YeePay

YeePay is a leading payment service provider. We provide total payment solutions for the enterprise, integrating multiple payment channels including online, mobile and offline in the frontend, and streamlining settlement processes in the backend. YeePay’s key advantage is customized solutions and value-added services for industry verticals including Airline and Travel, New Retail, Internet finance, Administration and Education, Cross-border etc. Our services are widely adopted by major Chinese airlines, including Air China, China Southern, China Eastern Airlines, and Hainan Airlines, as well as over 10,000 Chinese online travel agencies. YeePay’s Global B2B Account Payment Ecosystem connects the upstream and downstream segments of the global airline and travel industry, facilitating real-time ticket purchases and fund settlements. For more information please contact [email protected]

About TerraPay

TerraPay simplifies the movement of money everywhere – providing a single connection to the most expansive cross-border payments network regulated in 31 global markets and enabling payments to 141 receive countries, 210+ send countries, 7.5Bn+ bank accounts and 2.1Bn+ mobile wallets. TerraPay is on a mission to connect a borderless financial world, making moving money everywhere instant, reliable, transparent and fully compliant. TerraPay pushes the boundaries for global businesses – ranging from banks, fintechs and money-transfer operators to travel businesses, creator economy platforms and e-commerce marketplaces – while driving financial inclusion in even the most inaccessible markets. Founded in 2014, TerraPay is headquartered in London, with global offices in Bangalore, Dubai, Miami, Bogota, Dar es Salaam, Kampala, Hague, Dakar, Joburg, Nairobi, Milan, Singapore and is expanding rapidly, having received funding from leading investors, including the IFC (the World Bank), Prime Ventures, Partech Africa and Visa.