Boost your business with seamless travel payments

Adapt to the ever-evolving travel landscape with fluid and profitable payment strategies amidst growing customer needs.

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Smooth payments all the way from departure to destination

Intra-company payments

Simplifying commission and supplier payment without traditional banking rails.


Enabling fast refunds with hassle-free payouts for better engagement.

Reservation payments

Offering secure payment options for customer reservations.

Global payment processing

Eliminating minimum commitment fees for reduced processing costs.


Enabling first-mover’s advantage and revenue growth with faster GTM.

Power growth for your travel business with customised solutions

With experience, expertise, and a widespread network, TerraPay simplifies payment processes for businesses across the travel spectrum. You can plug-and-play our bespoke solutions to reimagine your business operations and interfaces throughout the value chain.

Seamless global payments at competitive FX rates

Instant and cost-effective cross-border payments

Easy issuance in various global currencies such as USD, GBP, and EUR.

Quick payments for service providers (including those not accepting cards)

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Transactions delivered in < 1 minute


Licences and regulatory approvals

99.3 %

Platform uptime

210 +

Send countries

140 +

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