Voxel Enhances B2B Payments Solutions with TerraPay Integration

May 21, 2024 |

Voxel, a leader in the development of technology solutions for B2B payments and electronic invoicing, continues to expand its international presence with a collaboration agreement signed with TerraPay, a leading global money movement company. With this signing, TerraPay will be joining Bavel Pay, Voxel’s B2B payments solution with which it promotes the development of advanced payment integration solutions.

TerraPay’s virtual credit cards (VCCs) offer the possibility of paying instantly in 126 countries, as well as the ability to conduct transactions in 67 different currencies. Different type of companies can access these products as TerraPay does not require minimum amounts to begin working with them. Moreover, TerraPay also offers instant bank transfers, which are designed especially for companies that work with hotels that do not accept VCCs. “The integration of TerraPay in Bavel Pay is great news for our current and future clients because it expands options and more efficiently facilitates global payments”, explains Héctor Martín, Vice President of Global Sales at Voxel.

Koert Grasveld, Vice President – Payments at TerraPay said, “Our company has consequently found a strategic partner in Voxel, which will allow expanding our scope in the travel sector by accessing new partners and clients through Bavel Pay”.

In recent years, Voxel has expanded its ecosystem of partners for its B2B payments solution, as well as the regional scope of its value proposal, thereby demonstrating its continuous “commitment to simplifying payments in the travel industry” and allowing each client to make use of the service that best adapts to their needs and the territory where they operate.

“Bavel Pay is unique in the market. It is the first payment manager that, in addition to optimizing and simplifying B2B payments, offers a powerful rules engine and value-added services, such as electronic invoicing or currency exchange, whereby you can automate the comprehensive management of all your back-office processes through a single connection”, Martín explains.

Some of the companies that are already benefiting from TerraPay’s services through Bavel Pay, Voxel’s B2B payments solution, include Bedsopia, Prime Travel, Guest Incoming, Offerbeds, CN Travel, Panamericana Viajes, Ebooking Center, TUI Spain and Viajes Euromar.

Voxel recently joined the Amadeus IT Group, thereby seeking to create the largest payment partner in the travel industry. The inclusion of Voxel’s solutions in the current offer from Amadeus means access to a greater variety of payment services for travel agents and a more automated form of electronic management for tour operators, Travel Management Companies (TMCs), hotel aggregators, and hotels.

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About TerraPay

TerraPay simplifies the movement of money everywhere – providing a single connection to the most expansive cross-border payments network regulated in 31 global markets and enabling payments to 144+ receive countries, 210+ send countries, 7.5Bn+ bank accounts and 2.1Bn+ mobile wallets. TerraPay is on a mission to connect a borderless financial world, making moving money everywhere instant, reliable, transparent and fully compliant. TerraPay pushes the boundaries for global businesses – ranging from banks, fintechs and money-transfer operators to travel businesses, creator economy platforms and e-commerce marketplaces – while driving financial inclusion in even the most inaccessible markets. Founded in 2014, TerraPay is headquartered in London, with global offices in Bangalore, Dubai, Miami, Bogota, Dar es Salaam, Kampala, Hague, Dakar, Joburg, Nairobi, Milan, Singapore and is expanding rapidly, having received funding from leading investors, including the IFC (the World Bank), Prime Ventures, Partech Africa and Visa.


About Voxel, an Amadeus company  

Voxel develops digitalization solutions for the value chain: e-invoices and approval flows, e-payments, supplier management, e-orders and delivery notes, expense management, and connection with public administrations through its Bavel platform.

Bavel Pay is the B2B payment manager, Bavel Billing is the leading e-invoicing solution and Bavel Procurement digitalizes the entire supply chain and automates all related processes. The Bavel platform is made up of 70,000+ hotels, 1,000+ tour operators and travel companies, 1,200+ food & beverage and goods and maintenance suppliers, and 3,000+ restaurants and franchises. Voxel is present in 100 different countries and the Bavel platform handles more than 100 million transactions per year.

Voxel has recently joined Amadeus IT Group, with the ambition to create the largest payment partner for the travel industry.

The company’s purpose is to transform the workplace into a place of personal growth to promote a more conscious society, understanding the business world through collaboration. The goal is to empower companies to become more conscious and evolve towards “Great Places to Grow”.